Coronavirus (COVID-19) Photography- How Our Services Can Help You Stay Safe & Get Your Business Back To Work

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has brought changes to us all, both in how we live and how we work.

Some businesses have continued to trade throughout restrictions, whilst others are now starting to re-enter trading after an enforced closed period. All industries however have been required to make major changes to their systems to ensure that they are doing all they can to keep people safe.

Our professional photography services are invaluable for clients, enabling companies to illustrate the steps they are taking to abide by government safety guidelines in order to keep their staff and customers safe.


The rules and guidelines set out by the government at this time have resulted in very different working and day to day living conditions for us all, which can be worrying and intimidating.

A photoshoot with one of our professional photographers can swiftly allay many of those worries by showing with clear and creative photography the practical measures have been adopted by businesses to maintain safety standards, reassuring staff that they are working in a safe environment.

A series of images or a short video also allows a business to demonstrate clearly in advance exactly what conditions to expect and any actions that may be required by visitors to the site, offering customers confidence and encouragement to visit without trepidation.

Coronavirus Information Film


Our professional video and photography services can also be utilised by companies to illustrate to other companies their serious commitment to the observation of industry rules and regulations brought about as a result of COVID-19.

Demonstration of responsible dedication to health and safety at all times offers commercial clients reassurance that they are working with a reputable and responsible business, doing all that can be done to ensure the safety of personnel and clients, and thereby doing everything possible to maintain a high standard of service and supply.


Our Matterport 3D Scanning service is a superb option for clients wishing to offer their customers the ability to visit a property or business remotely, by enabling them to walk through and experience the area as if they are truly there. This is not a CAD system, they do feel as if they are walking through the actual site.

Here is a Matterport space we scanned recently for a charity shop and tea room wishing to show their customers the safety measures they have put in place, so that they would have the confidence to visit in person when ready.

Click on the triangular Play symbol for a guided tour.

To walk through the property yourself simply click anywhere on the screen during the tour and then use the keyboard arrow buttons, or your mouse to move through the rooms.

Clicking on any of the coloured circles will enable you to see more information about that particular area.