Lectures for Photographic Societies

Three decades of experience in professional photography make Peter a compelling speaker for any photographic society or camera club seeking an entertaining and informative evening. Peter considers his evenings more as illustrated “informal chats” rather than lectures, preferring the audience to become involved asking questions.
Peter will attend with his laptop loaded with a variety of fascinating and inspiring images. Examples of Peter’s commercial work is always of interest and very different from the usual club evening, Peter often only gets a very short time to capture his images whatever the weather and location. Very different from the usual lecturer with their “perfect” images chosen from many years shooting.

Lectures for camera clubs

Peter will also talk about his favorite personal photography,  your chance to ask lots of questions and see a variety of different images from around Europe.

Always of interest, tips and tricks on how to shoot people (no weapons are involved we hasten to add!). On location with friends and family and of course a little retouching as well. A quick once over of how Peter creates portraits for his clients. Lots more opportunities to ask questions and find out how to get professional results without spending a fortune!

It is requested that the club supply a digital HDMI projector and screen.

Please feel free to contact Peter for short notice bookings should you have a cancellation for any reason.

The cost for Peter Alvey to attend for an evening is usually just £75 including travel (Midlands region).


What are camera clubs saying about Peter’s lectures?

Thank you very much for coming to Ladbroke Photography Club yesterday evening. What a treat to see so many great shots and across such a wide spectrum. You obviously love your job and we really appreciate you coming and sharing your images, tips and enthusaiasm with us.


On behalf of all the members who were there last Monday, I want to say a very big thank you for a most enjoyable, entertaining and informative evening. It has to be said, one of the best in recent times. The following is just a brief selection of the subsequent comments made:

“Interesting insight into local commercial photography”; “Brilliant photography & commentary with lots of useful tips”; “I enjoyed the fact that he did not rely on Photoshop but his camera, perspectives, choice of subject & time of day”; “It is rare to have a very successful professional freelance to show such interesting work”; “It was a change to see a variety of commercial work, presented with honesty & humility”; “The holiday photos & people pictures were just right & the 007 presentation was a bonus”.

So, once again, thank you very much.

David Harrison
Programme Secretary
Club Abington Photographic

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you.

I am a brand new member of Banbury Camera Club and I was there last night when you very kindly gave that presentation of your smashing work.

Thank you enormously for your inspirational work and presentation! I thoroughly enjoyed your nice sense of humour, here and there, as well as the pleasure you expressed for your work, even your commercial commissions. But most of all, I wanted commend you on your ‘personal’ photographs. I thought you had an exceptionally keen eye for the beauty that surrounds us, the quirky, the contrasts, the interesting, etc. I thought loads of your work was marvelous!

All in all, I wanted to say a big thank you for giving up your valuable time last night, for all of the work it took to prepare your presentation, for a really enjoyable and captivating evening and for inspiring a newcomer.


Having spoken to one or two members recently, it certainly seems that I missed an excellent evening last Tuesday, and I would just like to thank you very much indeed for making it such an enjoyable evening for everyone. Market Harborough CC

@peteralvey A great talk Peter, really enjoyed it. Thank you. St Neots & District CC


“….let me say how much I enjoyed your talk last night. Suffice to say the evening seemed to pass very quickly.”


@peteralvey great presentation at Cannock PS tonight – thnx


“Hello Peter
We should be saying thanks to you for a great evening. Everyone seemed to enjoy it as it was different from the usual club talk, you could tell that by the number of questions that were trying to be asked. Yes it went down very well, you can come any time so thanks once again. Regards Doug. ”


“Peter began by telling us he had been taking photographs for 20 years in a variety of places in the UK for a variety of clients. With a series of photographs and anecdotes he illustrated the title of his talk – a passion that pays.

His job takes him to commercial properties, including show homes; we were treated to brochure-like room shots and lifestyle shots – the sort of shot you would see in a magazine or in a newspaper.

He can be called upon to take photos of period properties, often for private sale. Peter showed us some shots he had taken of a 500 year old house that certainly reflected the character; a feel for the features of old oak, small windows and the mystery of a bygone age beautifully illustrated by a shot of part of a door focussing on the string operating the latch.

In contrast I was transported to work by imagery from behind the scenes in a hospital setting. We were shown into a cardiac catheter suite with cardiologists and their staff preparing for, and undertaking, the insertion of a pacemaker.

Corporate portraits are a challenge as often there are only 10 minutes to spare in a busy schedule. Different shots of a subject are taken for different reasons – casual and professional in style, black and white or colour.

Peter has met several famous people in the course of his work. Heston Blumenthal was taking part in a dunking biscuit challenge in Market Harborough to find the best biscuit for the purpose. Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs, builder and presenter), Tim Campbell (1st Apprentice winner) and Rory Bremner (comedian and impressionist) were some of the characters he mentioned. He told us that Rory Bremner was really nice and when photographed was taking part in a TV commercial on a train from London to Scotland. As well as shots of the comedian we were shown images of the camera crew and make-up team at work.

Trains and train stations featured largely in the portfolio of images we saw.  We were shown a photograph of James from St Albans – previously a butler he is now an announcer at St Albans’ Station. He is so good at his job, adding the personal touch, which passengers in St Albans are in uproar at the news of his transfer to St Pancras. Michael Portillo opened the new Kings Lynn station and John Bercow (speaker of the House of Commons) as a speaker for a children’s charity feature amongst the celebrities Peter has photographed. He told us that often, he finds, the person behind Bercow the public image is quite different – John Bercow is a ‘funny guy, nice and a good story teller – great to hear’. Next we saw Naomi Harris (Moneypenny in the Bond film) posing in front of a train named Skyfall, 007. Peter was privileged to shoot a series of photos illustrating the Bond movie –all done from the train dressed up as the one in the film. The Berwick Border Bridge is very similar to the one in the Bond film and photographs were taken there in addition to a shot with a helicopter flying alongside the train.

Train companies are some of Peter’s clients; he has photographed freight trains and depots making them look far better than they actually are – a dark, grim, rainy night gives a more interesting impression. We were asked to guess where some of the images were taken – we failed to recognise the new Kings Cross and Bank underground stations. Peter told us how he had to wait for the last train to pass through Great Portland Street station at 1am to photograph laser equipment that measures gauge and maps the tunnels to compare for movement and change in contour – there is a 2” clearance in the tunnels between train and tunnel wall! The whole network is assessed in 2 nights every 6 months.

Peter also photographs at conferences and launches, telling us how he has to download images to various media, whilst shooting, to be ‘ahead of the game’.
He photographs in food factories and has to adhere to the stringent hygiene and health and safety procedures, wearing the blue hairnet with thorough hand washing and wearing no jewellery. A photograph showed us a worker in meat factory wearing armour and gauntlets to prevent damage from very sharp knives.

To finish Peter showed us some of his ‘pretty pictures’ featuring the Grand Canal in Venice, the vessel, Lady Veronica on Lake Garda (a sailing ship shot in sepia) and the Annecy waterways in France. We, again, failed to identify a location – the English Bridge in Shrewsbury. He told us that he does get to take some pretty pictures in his work as house builders like to have some scenic photos around the area of their build.

Clearly this was a very visual talk and nothing but the photos themselves can tell the story and demonstrate the undoubted skills of the photographer. Peter is on Facebook (peter.alvey.photographer) and Twitter (@peteralvey) and he has a website (www.peteralvey.com) should you wish to learn more about the man and experience the beautifully produced photography we were treated to.”