Putting together a photography brief

Putting together a photography brief

To get the most from your professional photographer it's essential to give them a concise brief. Here are a few pointers to help you plan your photoshoot:

Where applicable please ensure you have given us the full address (including postcode), contact name and contact number for the venue where your photography is to take place.

If photography is to take place at several different locations please remember to allow not only adequate travelling time but  also set up / take down time for each location

If you have booked a full day, or evening, of photography please be sure to schedule in a couple of short breaks and some time for lunch for the photographer (they work better when fuelled!).

If a site induction is necessary prior to the shoot please bear in mind that they can take up to an hour, you will need to factor this into your schedule for the day.

If model / product releases are required it is your responsibility to ensure that they are supplied and signed on the day unless otherwise arranged with ourselves. Asking the photographer to get forms signed is not a good use of their time and eats into your valuable photography time.

When do you need your images by? We will always endeavour to get your photographs to you as soon as possible, but if you have a set deadline or need them for Press Release the next day please let us know in advance or we may not be able to accommodate your requirements.

Have you supplied us with a Purchase Order number / reference? Images will not be released until full invoicing details and purchase order numbers have been received by Alvey & Towers.

Although we work with digital cameras capturing your images instantly, there is a post-shoot process that all images must go through before they are supplied to you. This is a quality control process ensuring that they are cropped, colour balanced, sharp and generally tidied up so that you can be sure of excellent results which can be used instantly. If images require more substantial digital work (e.g. removal of items, adding of blue skies / backgrounds ) there will be an additional cost as this work can take a substantial amount of time. If you think this is likely to be needed please discuss it with us before the shoot if possible.

Have you told us how and where you would like the finished images delivering to?

One set of high resolution images will be supplied to the person specified. These images are originals and are the responsibility of the nominated recipient. They should be stored and backed up safely. Should copies of the images be required at a future date we may be able to supply copies, however we do not store images indefinitely, where we are able to supply copies a fee will be charged for administration. It is far better for everybody in your organisation if the images are stored safely from the start, and anybody who may need access to them is made aware of their whereabouts.